Time to Delist Grizzly Bears in Montana

Over 120 farmers, ranchers and sportsmen/sportswomen recently voiced concerns at a public meeting in Twin Bridges, Mt over the number of Grizzlies in the Yellowstone recovery area. With grizzlies capable of traveling 100+ miles, seeing them in the Tobacco Root, Ruby, Greenhorn or Gravelly mountains in the Ruby Valley is becoming a common occurrence. Ranchers like, John Helle of Dillon says the problems are getting worse each year. He believes the funding in the current plan wont put a dent in the cost of removing problem bears. The overwhelming sentigrizzly bear
tobacco rootsment at the meeting was to DELIST THE GRIZZY!
There is an EIS on the Montana Fish Wildlife Park site to read and comment on by Sept. 30, 2013.

Alder Gulch Mining Claims – Montana

I just finished hiking some new patented gold claims for sale in Alder Gulch, one of the richest placer Gold fields in US history. These hard to find parcels ranging from 6.84 acres to 19.1 acres have Alder Creek running right through the middle of each tract and numerous great sites to camp or build a cabin. IMG_1100 Prices are as $69,900! The properties are bordered by BLM ground which makes hunting out your back door perfect! Accessibility is via a county road just 1-2 miles to Virginia City. IMG_1102