Credit Upgrade for Bozeman! Good job!

Wouldn’t it be nice is our country was run this well?  Getting a credit upgrade is hard earned.
Congratulations Bozeman!

Bozeman Moves Forward with Broadband Expansion

When a community invests in infrastructure…new industries move in and local ones can expand. Is it time for your business to head this way?

Katie Ward specializes in site selection call her today 406-596-4000!

Bozeman prepares to advance broadband plan

Gallatin County “Has Returned to Pre-Recession Peak”

Here is a great article on what we are seeing already in Gallatin County.  You can certainly see this in the building activity and in the phone calls to our office! Katie Ward, Prudential Montana.

Bozeman Cost of Living Report Out

Wow, we get the Rocky Mountain beauty, the high caliber education and jobs, the great recreation AND cost of living is affordable.  Pretty Cool!

Montana Fiscal Condition Ranks 9th in US!

Maybe we should hold some training sessions for Congress!  Check this out!
The other great states included:  Alaska, which was first, followed by South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska and Wyoming.

Bozeman, MT Airport Sets New Passenger Record

If this keeps up, we will be seeing more and more great flights.  Great for Bozeman business and recreation!

Streamside access upheld in Montana!

YES, the Constitution matters in Montana…

Best Time to Buy Land in Montana

IMG_0609The dead of winter.  See it at its worst …get prices at the best!  As you walk the land you will see all the critters footprints that live there.   Moose, raccoon, skunk, lion, bear, elk, deer, porcupine…
What great fun!grizzly bear

Bozeman…What a great place!

Here is a link to the article in yesterdays Bozeman Chronicle  No wonder the growth rate is so strong!